Investigation into Jewish man's death in California protest clash underway


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During demonstrations supporting both Israel and Palestine, an incident took place in a suburban area outside of Los Angeles.

Authorities uncertain about death of 69-year-old Jewish man after clash with pro-Palestinian demonstrator, risking international incident.

Sheriff Fryhoff urged composure during a crowded press briefing and announced an inquiry to determine if the fatality warrants criminal charges for homicide and hate crime.

No arrests have been made by his office in the case, which stemmed from a conflict during protests in Thousand Oaks, California on Sunday.

Sheriff Fryhoff confirmed an investigation into a Moorpark resident who  joined a peaceful protest for Palestinians. The individual's residence  was searched by law enforcement on Monday. 

However, Sheriff Fryhoff stressed that authorities are still  investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Jewish  protester Paul Kessler. 

According to the sheriff, Mr. Kessler engaged in a dispute with a  pro-Palestinian protester on Sunday, resulting in a fall which caused  him to sustain a head injury. 

Witnesses recall the altercation and confirm that Mr. Kessler was  responsive when authorities arrived at the scene, as well as when he was  questioned at the hospital. 

Mr. Kessler died on Monday morning due to a forceful impact to the back of his skull, as determined by the Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office after conducting an autopsy.

Sheriff Fryhoff couldn't find clear footage of the altercation and witnesses gave conflicting statements, including different accounts of Mr. Kessler's fall and who initiated the conflict.