Jerry Jones talks trade as Cowboys beat Rams 43-20.

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On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys aimed to prolong their winning streak at home to 11 as they hosted the Los Angeles Rams.

Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, recently made his first visit to his hometown after joining the team and securing a Super Bowl victory.

Dallas's impressive 43-20 win boosts their record to 5-2, but will it affect their plans before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday?

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, expressed disappointment about the trade prospects, saying, "We won't be making any moves." despite his otherwise positive demeanor after the game.

That can change, but for now, there is satisfaction from a victory over the Rams. The following text chronicles how the day unfolded.

Stafford said he knows people nearby who still live there, and his family will be at the game for a good time.

Returning to that place is always enjoyable, however, once the ball is in play and the game has begun, our focus is solely on defeating the Cowboys.

Stafford won a state championship at Highland Park High School in Dallas, where Jerry Jones' grandson also won two titles more recently.

During three visits to Dallas while playing for the Lions, Stafford achieved a record of 1-2. Stafford said each visit presents a unique challenge.