Jewish New Yorkers seize Statue of Liberty, demand Gaza ceasefire.


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At the foundation of a renowned New York landmark, banners proclaiming 'Palestinians deserve freedom' were displayed by members of the Jewish Voice for Peace organization.

US Jewish activists peacefully occupied the Statue of Liberty, demanding an immediate end to Israel's bombardment of Gaza's civilians, which they view as genocidal. Their call for a ceasefire is impactful.

Jewish Voice for Peace protesters in NY wore black T-shirts demanding ceasefire, stating "Not in our name." Banners read "The whole world is watching" and "Palestinians should be free."

The most recent demonstration in support of Palestine occurred in the United States following the commencement of the war a month ago.

Thousands protested in DC, demanding an end to Gaza hostilities and condemning US support for Israel.

During the end of October, a multitude of individuals converged upon the expansive Grand Central station located in Manhattan, all with identical requests.

Pro-Palestinian protesters, some from US Jewish groups, blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, linking Manhattan to the diverse and fashionable borough on the East River.

In the last month, the group has organized demonstrations in various prominent locations across New York City, advocating for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

Banners bearing the messages 'The entire globe is observing' and 'Freedom for Palestinians' were displayed by demonstrators at the foundation of the iconic structure.