Julia Fox's Wild Romance with Kanye West in her new tell-all: 'Zippered up his pants.' 

In her upcoming memoir "Down the Drain," Julia Fox disclosed that Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) offered a "boob job" during their short-lived early 2022 relationship.

In an interview preceding the book's release, The Guardian reported that "the artist," referring to Ye in the memoir, had extended the offer during his relationship with Fox.

"I'll get you a boob job if you want," he told Fox, according to The Guardian. She turned him down. 

Ye and Fox encountered each other at a New Year's Eve celebration in 2021, subsequently dating for about a month in January 2022. Ye was in the midst of a divorce from his then-wife Kim Kardashian, was romantically involved with Pete Davidson.

The divorce turned acrimonious, with Ye publicly criticizing Davidson on social media and Kardashian stating in legal documents that Ye's posts caused her "emotional distress."

In a TikTok video, which has since been deleted, Fox mentioned that in November 2022, following a conversation with Ye, she believed she might be able to divert his attention away from Kim.

During interviews for her memoir with Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times, Fox expressed feeling "weaponized" in the midst of Ye's divorce and described Ye's behavior as treating her like "his little puppet."

"That's humiliating. That's a really shitty position to be in," Fox told  The Guardian of her belief that Ye had used her against Kardashian.