Stanford University probes hit-and-run on Muslim student as potential hate crime.


The hate crime incident at Stanford is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol, according to the school's public safety department.

The Arab Muslim student, who fell victim to a vehicular collision on  Stanford's campus last Friday, was mentioned in a press release by  Stanford police. 

According to reports, the driver intentionally accelerated his vehicle  and struck the student after making direct eye contact. As the driver  fled the scene, he uttered derogatory remarks, specifically "F–k you and  your people," from his partially opened window. 

A spokesperson from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) informed SFGATE that they are presently collaborating with Stanford PD to ascertain specific investigative duties related to this incident.

According to a community alert posted by the university, the victim was provided with necessary medical attention for injuries associated with the incident.

Stanford police reported victim's description: 2015+ black Toyota 4Runner with visible rear center tire and Toyota emblem on wheel center. Driver: Caucasian male, mid-20s, short blonde hair, trimmed beard.

A hit-and-run happened at 2:00 p.m. at Campus Drive and Ayrshire Farm Lane, per Stanford Daily. AlertSU notified students and faculty.

The university strongly condemns the distressing incident of potential  hate-based violence on campus. Violence within our premises is  completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible. 

We express our deep concern and stand with the injured student and all those affected by this unfortunate incident.