The Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in the United States.

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Din Tai Fung | Los Angeles, CA

In LA, there's a range of Chinese food options like xiangbing, Peking duck, and cold noodles. Seattle also has a good selection, but for xiao long bao, both cities go to Din Tai Fung.


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Xi’an Famous Foods | New York City, NY

The opening of this Flushing chainlet in Manhattan delighted Chinese  cuisine enthusiasts. The Manhattan branches, like those in Queens, serve  delicious dishes from Xi'an.


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Yank Sing | San Francisco, CA

Yank Sing's dumplings emit irresistible aromas, ensuring eager consumption. Its enduring success is due to fresh and flavorful dim sum, tucked away in an unexpected office complex corner.


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Facing East | Bellevue, WA

Facing East stands out from chains like Din Tai Fung and Boiling Point in Seattle due to owner Yu-ling Wong's strong ties to her homeland's street food cuisine, ensuring its continued success.


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Chengdu Taste | Los Angeles, CA

Tony Xu opened Chengdu Taste in 2013 after finding success in China and working at Panda Restaurant Group in LA. The restaurant quickly became popular in the San Gabriel Valley and LA, leading to a second branch in Rosemead.


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Grand Sichuan | New York City, NY

Xiaotu "John" Zhang, not a top NY restaurateur, has a loyal following for his Chinese chain. He brought authentic Szechuan cuisine to Chelsea in '98.


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Noodlebird | Chicago, IL

Macau's cuisine, once influenced by its Portuguese heritage, is now being prepared by Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo, owners of the renowned Chicago supper club X-Marx, now known as Fat Rice.


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Lao Sze Chuan | Chicago, IL

Tony Hu's dishes, such as Chengdu dumplings, crispy Chinese eggplant  with ground pork, twice-cooked pork, mapo tofu, Szechuan prawns, and the  "chef's special" dry chili chicken


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Dim Sum Garden | Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to many great contenders, but none can top the  Chinatown magnet. Its owners can trace their lineage back to the creator  of the revered xiao long bao, a symbol of culinary adoration


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Peking Gourmet Inn | Falls Church, VA

Peking Gourmet Inn, with its traditional decor and jacketed waiters,  holds nostalgic charm. Founded by Deborah Lee and Bobby Tsui's  Shandong-born grandfather in the late 1970s