Samsung and LG showcased mind-blowing transparent screens at CES 2024

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“Breaking Boundaries: Samsung and LG Showcase the Future of Displays with Unbelievable Transparent Screens at CES 2024, Setting a New Standard for Innovation and Visual Experiences”

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The 2024 edition of CES continues the tradition of showcasing cutting-edge display technologies, just like its predecessors. Samsung and LG, as always, manage to captivate the audience with their innovative offerings. This year, they introduced transparent screens that left us in awe with their stunning holographic-like images, reminiscent of scenes from Star Trek.

Samsung unveiled the world’s inaugural transparent Micro LED display. This breakthrough endeavor marks a significant advancement compared to previous trials, boasting remarkable luminosity and vibrant hues that leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, its enhanced transparency offers a seamless viewing experience, effortlessly allowing one to gaze through the panel and discern the content on the opposite side.

The exhibition we witnessed entailed the presentation of fireworks on a translucent display, positioned in front of a separate screen exhibiting a cityscape. The visuals are notably vivid and precise. It is an experience that truly requires personal observation to fully grasp its magnificence. Neither photographs nor videos can adequately capture its true essence.

Samsung’s exhibition offers a compelling demonstration of the potential applications of transparent screens for augmentation, even resembling pseudo holograms. These panels could gain popularity in various settings such as building or hotel lobbies, as well as for billboards. Additionally, one might consider utilizing them as virtual fish tanks, providing a captivating visual experience without the hassle of actual fish.

Samsung claims that the utilization of Micro LEDs provides its display with a competitive edge in terms of brightness and transparency when compared to an equivalent OLED panel, which is the technology selected by LG for its transparent panel demonstration.

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LG presented an impressive array of panels that captivate the senses, as one would anticipate from a setup of such grand proportions. LG’s Signature OLED T transparent panel is nearing completion for production. In contrast to Samsung’s display, which primarily served as a technological showcase, LG’s screen will indeed be released this year. The pricing remains undetermined, but regrettably, it is already apparent that it exceeds my budgetary constraints.

The Signature T OLED, as its name implies, utilizes transparent OLEDs and will be offered in larger sizes, including 77-inch models showcased for viewing. LG has incorporated diverse programs specifically tailored to operate when the panel is in transparent mode. This feature will undoubtedly spark intriguing discussions during post-dinner conversations.

The Signature T OLED is equipped with a retractable black shade, enabling it to seamlessly achieve the remarkable contrast levels that OLED panels are renowned for. Additionally, this wireless display receives input signals through a separate transmitter box. However, it still requires a cable for power supply.

It is uncertain whether these panels will be embraced by gamers. The ability of transparent displays to match the performance of top-notch conventional technology is still uncertain. If they fail to do so, they will continue to be niche products. However, it is important to remember that these displays are far from becoming widely adopted. To put things into perspective, a non-transparent Samsung 110-inch Micro LED screen costs a mere $150,000. What an incredible deal!

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