Biden talks to reporters after meeting with Xi Jinping of China : APEC Live.


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After meeting with Xi, Biden praised their talks on fentanyl and communication, but still referred to him as a dictator. He also emphasized his support for Israel.

President Biden announced progress in US-China relations, stating that direct phone conversations will be used to address future disputes instead of escalating tensions.

After talks with Mr. Xi in San Francisco, Mr. Biden described the  dialogue as "positive and fruitful." Minor agreements were made on  military communications and addressing the fentanyl crisis. 

Biden aims to manage the competitive relationship between China and the US, seeking common ground to pursue shared interests and avoid conflicts.

As he wrapped up the news conference, he briefly answered a question about his view on Mr. Xi's leadership. He clarified that he still sees him as a leader of a communist country.

Biden defends Israel's hospital attack, citing caution in pursuing Hamas  militants and agreeing with their claim of the hospital being a hub for  violent activities. 

He further added that Hamas had established its headquarters, weapons,  and other resources in this hospital and possibly in others. 

He emphasized the need for a two-state solution in the future, but also  acknowledged Hamas' ongoing threats of another terrorist attack. Israel  reported that this attack led to numerous casualties and hostages 

Mr. Biden expressed worry about the potential harm to Israelis, as Hamas  has demonstrated their intent to carry out such an attack again. He  asked about our response in a similar situation.