nothing is set to introduce iMessage to its Android device. 


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Owners of the Phone 2 can now utilize Nothing Chats to send iMessages to iPhones, marking the initial instance of an Android OEM incorporating such functionality into a device.

Phone 2 users can now use iMessage through the "Nothing Chats" app, powered by Sunbird messaging. Available in North America, the EU, and select European countries from November 17th.

Sunbird aims to break down the barriers created by messaging services that divide phone users, but it requires your trust as it doesn't explicitly state its intentions on its page.

According to Nothing's FAQ, Sunbird's architecture allows message transmission between users without any storage or retention on servers.

Marques Brownlee confirmed with Nothing Chats that the process is similar to other iMessage-to-Android bridge services, using a Mac Mini in a server farm for signing in and routing.

Jane Nho, Head of PR for Nothing in the US, stated that Sunbird stores  iCloud credentials as tokens in an encrypted database and connects them  to a Mac Mini in the US or Europe for iMessage relay 

According to her, if there is no activity for two weeks, Sunbird erases the account details.

To grant Sunbird access to your iCloud account, ensure they can complete the task. However, verify Sunbird's privacy policy and approach their services skeptically due to potential unfulfilled promises.