Cassie resolves legal dispute with Sean Combs over sexual assault.


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The settlement terms between R&B singer Casandra Ventura and the music mogul were undisclosed, reached just one day after Ms. Ventura filed a complaint.

The hip-hop mogul, Sean Combs, and singer Cassie have come to an agreement only a day after Cassie filed a lawsuit alleging rape and multiple cases of physical abuse.

On Friday evening, the parties declared that they had come to a resolution to settle the case, however, no specifics regarding the settlement's terms were revealed.

Cassie, aka Casandra Ventura, plans to peacefully resolve the issue on her terms. She thanked her family, fans, and legal team for their unwavering support in a formal statement.

Mr. Combs has released a statement expressing his desire to settle the matter in a friendly manner. He also extended his well wishes to Cassie and her family. Love.

Mr. Combs is fortunate as the settlement ends a potentially risky legal process, avoiding public evidence and a trial. Ms. Ventura also avoids cross-examination by Mr. Combs's legal team.

Ms. Ventura accused Mr. Combs of physical abuse, manipulative behavior, and sexual misconduct, including rape, in a high-profile legal case. Mr. Combs's attorney, Ben Brafman, strongly denied these allegations.

Ms. Ventura filed a lawsuit on Thursday in Federal District Court in  Manhattan, alleging that Mr. Combs had physically assaulted her multiple  times, resulting in injuries such as bruises and bleeding. 

Ms. Ventura alleged being coerced into sexual activities with male prostitutes while Mr. Combs observed, recorded, and referred to them as "freak offs" in upscale hotels throughout the US.