Israeli forces tighten grip on Gaza City as conflict enters second month.


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Israeli forces have reached Gaza City center, while civilians in the northern enclave face worsening conditions.

Israel’s military encircles Gaza City, one month into a costly conflict for both parties involved.

After a month of conflict, Israel's troops have divided the Gaza Strip by advancing towards the coast and infiltrating Gaza City, a major stronghold for Hamas.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that Israeli troops are advancing further into Gaza City, tightening their hold despite the continuous airstrikes.

Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has suggested that his country may assume a security position in Gaza following the conclusion of the ongoing conflict.

As Israel's military campaign against Hamas persists, PM Benjamin Netanyahu discloses plans for Gaza's post-war future. Israel will assume security control to prevent future attacks.

His plan falls short of reoccupying Gaza, which the US and other nations caution against. He revealed few details and said the security situation would continue for an unknown time.

The White House asserts that an Israeli reoccupation of Gaza would not be the appropriate course of action.

The White House warned Israel about the consequences of reoccupying Gaza after Netanyahu suggested a long-term security presence in the region.

White House spokesperson John Kirby said ongoing talks with Israeli officials about Gaza's future are happening. The president strongly opposes Israeli forces reoccupying Gaza.