Ivanka Trump's testimony was presented in a New york civil fraud trial.


Image Source : www.usatoday.com

Ivanka Trump testified in the ongoing civil fraud trial of her father and his business in New York on Wednesday, marking the final appearance of a Trump family member in the proceedings.

Solomon swiftly shifted her focus towards a 2011 financial report detailing her father's possessions.

Trump enclosed the document in a letter to Deutsche Bank's then-CEO  while Ivanka Trump was leading negotiations for a loan related to a  Florida golf course. 

The judge has previously determined that the statement depicted Trump's riches as significantly greater than their actual value.

One month later, the bank presented an offer featuring considerably improved loan rates compared to the previous offer extended to the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump forwarded the offer to other Trump Organization executives, stating that the situation couldn't be any better.

In the trial's early stages, a former Deutsche Bank executive testified that the bank used the financial condition statement to assess loan risks for wealthy individuals.

Nicholas Haigh, the executive, expressed his belief that the representations of the value of the assets and liabilities were generally precise.

Ivanka Trump denied sending the email or seeing the letter to the bank CEO regarding a loan for the Trump National Doral golf course in Florida, a major project for her father's company.