Pro-Palestinian protests in DC, NY, and London amid Gaza bombardment.


Protesters gathered in Washington, D.C. demanding an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict, as Gaza casualties exceeded 9,200. Despite US pleas, Israeli PM Netanyahu rejected a temporary halt.

A global protest calling for an end to Israeli bombing in Gaza took  place at Freedom Plaza, near the White House, as part of a series of  demonstrations. 

The bombing has been ongoing for 29 days since Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7th, resulting in 1,400 deaths. 

Around 150 people gathered in Lafayette Park by evening, calling for an end to hostilities at the White House fence. Meanwhile, a few hundred more were seen nearby.

The current primary objective, as expressed by Ibrahim Hooper,  spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is the  establishment of a cease-fire. 

According to Hooper, the presence of a cease-fire is crucial as it  enables various essential actions such as providing humanitarian aid, treating the wounded, and even removing bodies. 

Simultaneously, the demonstrations in New York, London, and Paris aligned with the protest occurring in Washington.

At the event, speakers highlighted Biden's backing of Israel's military operations and rejection of a ceasefire. One speaker from the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights even labeled the president "Genocide Joe."

Nihad Awad, the national executive director at CAIR, effectively highlighted the division that the Gaza war has created between the Democratic Party and Arab Americans as well as young voters.