Samsung and LG unveiled astonishing transparent displays at CES 2024.


The 2024 CES edition features Samsung and LG's impressive transparent screens, showcasing stunning holographic-like visuals reminiscent of Star Trek's futuristic world.

Samsung introduced the world's first transparent Micro LED display, with impressive brightness, vivid colors, and improved transparency for effortless visibility through the panel.

The exhibition showcased breathtaking fireworks projected onto a transparent panel in front of a cityscape screen. 

The visuals were incredibly vivid and sharp, truly a sight that must be seen in person to fully appreciate its magnificence. 

LG showcased an impressive range of captivating panels, as expected from  such a grand setup. Their Signature OLED T transparent panel is almost  ready for production, unlike Samsung's display which was just a  showcase.  

Unfortunately, LG's screen is set to launch this year, but its pricing  remains undisclosed, which is disheartening as it exceeds my financial  means. 

The Signature T OLED, as its name implies, utilizes transparent OLEDs  and will be offered in larger sizes, including 77-inch models showcased  for viewing. 

LG has incorporated diverse programs specifically tailored to operate  when the panel is in transparent mode. This feature will undoubtedly  spark intriguing discussions during post-dinner conversations.