White House: Israel extends combat pauses for civilian evacuation.


Israel will enforce four-hour daily ceasefires in northern Gaza to allow civilians to evacuate or move around safely during its offensive against Hamas.

On Thursday, the White House made an announcement, marking the culmination of several days of President Biden's persistent pressure, as the number of casualties continues to rise.

The agreement strengthens Israel's recent actions of temporarily pausing attacks in a specific area, allowing safe evacuation from northern Gaza.

Israel will create a new coastal evacuation route and designate a conflict-free area or neighborhood for four hours each day.

The day witnessed modest progress in diplomatic negotiations alongside intense urban warfare. 

Israel's leaders, under US pressure, have agreed to daily four-hour ceasefires in certain areas of Gaza, after two weeks of their ground offensive.

The hostilities' cessation didn't meet global leaders' expectations for a complete cease-fire or President Biden's request for a temporary humanitarian pause.

By Thursday's end, the White House's four-hour pauses offered hope for safer passage for civilians caught in Israel's aggressive assault on Hamas in Gaza.

Gaza's health ministry, controlled by Hamas, reports 10,000+ deaths since the air campaign began in response to a surprise Hamas attack on Israel, which caused around 1,400 deaths, mostly civilians.