Israel offers to evacuate infants from damaged Gaza hospital.


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On Sunday, the Israeli military announced readiness to evacuate infants from Gaza's largest hospital due to fuel depletion during the ongoing conflict.

Gaza's border authority reopened the Rafah crossing for foreign passport holders amidst worsening conditions. Jordan also air-dropped aid to a field hospital in the enclave.

Hamas destroyed 160 Israeli military targets in Gaza, disabling 27 tanks and vehicles in 48 hours, causing them to lose control of northern Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Saturday that five more Israeli soldiers had died in Gaza, bringing the total number of casualties to 46 since the start of the ground operations.

Hamas continues to launch rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, despite Israel's claims that over 1,200 people were killed and 200 were taken hostage by the militant group last month.

Since October 7th, Palestinian officials report that 11,078 people in Gaza have died from air and artillery strikes, with 40% being innocent children.

Israeli news networks report progress in hostage release negotiations with Hamas in Gaza, without revealing their sources.

Netanyahu won't discuss details of potential agreement. It involves releasing 50-100 vulnerable individuals over 3-5 days, alongside a temporary ceasefire.

In Tel Aviv, a rally was organized, attracting a substantial number of  participants who came to show their support for the families of the  hostages.