US dismisses global ceasefire appeals for Israel and Hamas.

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The global appeals for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas have been dismissed by the United States, asserting that it is not the current optimal solution.

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National Security spokesperson John Kirby proposed on Monday the implementation of “pauses” to facilitate the delivery of aid within Gaza.

The current situation in Gaza is critical as the essential supplies of food, water, fuel, and medicines for the 2.2 million residents are alarmingly scarce. However, Israel has made a firm commitment to continue the conflict until Hamas is completely dismantled, leaving no room for a ceasefire.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu firmly stated that the appeals for a ceasefire imply Israel’s submission to Hamas and terrorism, emphasizing that such surrender will not occur.

During a press briefing, Mr. Kirby expressed his confidence in the increased accessibility of aid trucks entering Gaza through Egypt.

The US has reportedly engaged in discussions with the Israeli government regarding the augmentation of daily border crossings by trucks to approximately 100, as per the statement made by an official.

On Sunday, the report indicated that around 45 trucks had entered Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah Crossing, as confirmed by Mr. Kirby. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the necessity for a larger quantity of trucks.

During the press briefing, he stated that despite being a significant improvement from the current situation, it is still insufficient.

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Before the commencement of the conflict, Philippe Lazzarini, the commissioner-general of UN relief agency UNRWA, informed the BBC that approximately 500 trucks were entering Gaza on a daily basis.

Since the 7 October Hamas attacks, Israel has initiated airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in the loss of 1,400 lives in Israel and the capture of 229 individuals by Hamas.

According to the health ministry controlled by Hamas, the number of casualties in Gaza has exceeded 8,300 since the commencement of Israel’s bombing in retaliation.

On Monday, it was announced by Yinam Cohen, the consul general of Israel to the Midwest, that Natalie Raanan, who was held captive by Hamas, has been safely returned to her home in Chicago.

Last week, the UN General Assembly strongly urged an urgent humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas, a call that was vehemently rejected by Israel.

On Monday, Mr. Lazzarini emphasized that the effectiveness of the aid system hinges on the existence of political determination to ensure the distribution of supplies is substantial and aligned with the unparalleled humanitarian requirements.

After three weeks of continuous airstrikes, the Israeli military, as referred to by Mr. Netanyahu, initiated the next stage of their mission to eradicate Hamas by sending ground forces into Gaza on Monday.

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