Samsung is set to unveil its latest range of foldable displays at CES 2024

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Samsung revolutionized the market with its introduction of foldable phones, and now the renowned South Korean brand aims to take it a step further.

Unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the latest foldable device from Samsung is truly colossal.

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Samsung Display Co., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. specializing in screen manufacturing, recently introduced a range of foldable displays designed for mobile devices and other applications. This unveiling took place prior to the commencement of CES 2024. The company has announced its plans to host an exhibition titled “All-in Innovative Tech: Paving the new journey” during the renowned U.S. tech show, which is set to begin on Tuesday and run for four days in Las Vegas.

The In&Out Flip is a revolutionary smartphone with a flexible display that can be folded in a 360-degree manner. It offers customizable options, serving as a traditional smartphone, tablet, or compact device. The OLED panels provide a durable and visually stunning display, while the split-screen feature enhances multitasking. Designed for durability, it is perfect for professionals and those with an active lifestyle.

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The company claims that this innovative dual-folding technology allows for a slimmer device by eliminating the need for a secondary external display often used when the device is folded.

Samsung Display’s exhibition will provide visitors with a rare opportunity to observe a durability test conducted on a smartphone. The foldable device will be exposed to extreme conditions, enduring temperatures as high as 60 degrees Celsius and as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it will undergo sand abrasion and be submerged in water, all to demonstrate its remarkable resilience.

At the showroom, you will find a variety of cutting-edge foldable products. One such product is the Rollable Flex, equipped with panels that can be effortlessly rolled and unrolled, similar to a roll of toilet paper. These panels can expand up to five times their original size. Another remarkable product on display is the Flex Hybrid, which seamlessly integrates both foldable and slidable technologies.

Samsung Display will also be launching new automotive display panels, such as the Flex Note Extendable, simultaneously.

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This foldable panel, measuring 11 inches, can be unfolded to reveal a 13-inch monitor. It can further extend to a 17-inch screen, providing a solution for individuals who need to work or enjoy multimedia content in limited spaces where a large monitor is not available.

Samsung Display is a renowned manufacturer of flexible panels exclusively designed for Samsung Electronics. The company has strategically focused on its foldable smartphone models, namely the Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5, which were successfully launched during the previous summer season.

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