Apple announces major change to iPhone messages for next year 


The ongoing dispute regarding the blue text bubbles on iOS and the green text bubbles on Android is about to undergo a more amicable transformation.

Apple plans to expand iMessage to Android users, a move seen as a step towards breaking down its closed ecosystem.

According to 9to5Mac, upcoming changes will bring new features like read receipts, typing indicators, improved group chat support, and better media sharing for images and videos.

Apple has informed CNN through an official statement that it plans to incorporate support for RCS (Rich Communication Services) in the upcoming year.

RCS has emerged as a viable alternative to SMS, or short messaging service, and is capable of functioning over both Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.

The company stated that RCS Universal Profile will provide a superior interoperability experience in comparison to SMS or MMS.

iMessage will remain the top-notch and highly secure messaging experience for Apple users, while this new feature will work in conjunction with it.