Qualcomm discontinues Snapdragon Satellite due to lack of usage in Android smartphones 


Image Source : www.ts2.space

Qualcomm and Iridium have ended their partnership and abruptly terminated the Snapdragon Satellite project, which aimed to provide satellite connectivity to Android phones.

Satellite connectivity on smartphones was once surprising, but Apple's iPhone 14 and 15 have made it necessary in cellular dead zones. Android has made limited progress in this area.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Satellite, which enables Android devices to  establish a dedicated satellite connection for emergency messages, was launched earlier this year in partnership with Iridium. 

Despite its revolutionary potential, there have been no updates or  advancements in the technology since its launch almost a year ago,  dampening initial excitement. 

Qualcomm and Iridium have recently declared that their collaboration will come to an end on December 3, 2023, without the introduction of any Snapdragon Satellite devices into the market.

Iridium announced in a press release that their partnership termination, primarily due to Qualcomm, is because Android phones lack the necessary technology to connect with satellites.

Qualcomm announced Oppo, Nothing, and Motorola's adoption of their technology, but with no visible results. They pledged to make the technology available on all Snapdragon chip tiers.

MediaTek planned to enable satellite connectivity for Android devices, while T-Mobile partnered with Space-X to provide satellite connectivity to Android phones without extra hardware.