Netanyahu plans to take control of Gaza after conflict with Hamas.


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Israel plans to maintain control over Gaza, despite the presence of over 2 million Palestinians and Hamas' governance, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One month after the Hamas attack that killed 1,400 people in Israel, Netanyahu announced Israel's full security control in Gaza, without specifying its duration.

In a Monday ABC News interview, he discussed the ongoing conflict between the Israeli military and Hamas, which began on October 7th. Hamas conducted a violent rampage, resulting in 1,300 Israeli deaths and fled back to Gaza with hostages.

The Israeli military has been attacking Gaza since then. The Israeli government reports over 1,400 casualties, while the Gaza Health Ministry states over 10,000 Palestinians have died.

Netanyahu hinted at his future Gaza strategy in a recent public appearance, but didn't give any details. 

This is the first time he has publicly discussed his plans for the  region, which has been heavily affected by Israeli airstrikes causing  significant destruction. 

In the past month, Israel's bombings in Gaza have caused over 10,300  deaths, including 4,100 innocent children, according to Hamas's health  ministry. 

UN Secretary General Guterres is deeply concerned, noting that Gaza is becoming a tragic graveyard for the young. 

Netanyahu told ABC News that Gaza, acquired by Israel in 1967, should be governed by non-Hamas individuals.