The nutritionist advises on holiday feasting.


Nutritionist, Rima Kleiner, MS, RDN, LDN, discuss healthy tips for seasonal feasting, or as she calls it, the "season of eating". 

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Eat protein before candy to protect your stomach.


To optimize your diet, consume a protein-packed meal before eating sugary treats. Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast including eggs, lean meats, nuts, and oats.

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Stay hydrated 


Stay hydrated by consistently drinking enough water throughout the day. Expert Kleiner suggests dividing your body weight in pounds by two to determine your daily water intake goal in ounces.

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Plan to enjoy a tasty treat from the reserve.


Kleiner suggests scheduling treat consumption after a high-protein meal, designating a location and time, and storing them securely away from home. This promotes self-gratification and contentment.

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Eat healthy fiber 


In order to maintain a healthy balance, it is recommended to incorporate high-fiber foods into your meals. Examples of such foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, and beans.

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walking after eating is ideal.


After your holiday feast, do a quick 10-20 minute physical activity to boost your metabolism. It doesn't have to be intense - a simple walk, jog, or leg exercises like squats will do.