WeChat gets BAN on Canadian government devices


Canada has recently declared its intention to prohibit the usage of WeChat on official government devices.

The Chinese-owned app is often called a comprehensive platform, combining features from WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and Tinder.

Western governments have security concerns about the app due to potential user data exploitation for surveillance.

The BBC has contacted Tencent, the proprietor of WeChat, to obtain their input; however, a response from them is still pending. 

WeChat is a popular global digital app, particularly in China, where it is an essential part of daily life. It is also widely used in Southeast Asia and by Chinese diaspora.

Canada has immediately banned WeChat, but there is no evidence of government information compromise on the platform, according to Anita Anand, President of Canada's Treasury Board.

The spokesperson stated that the approach to cyber security is risk-based, involving the removal of access to certain applications on government mobile devices.

Canada is taking action against Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky due to security concerns. Users will no longer have access to Kaspersky's apps and will be unable to download them in the future.