US dismisses global ceasefire appeals for Israel and Hamas.

On Sunday, the The US has rejected global calls for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, stating that it is not the best solution at present.

National Security spokesperson John Kirby proposed on Monday the implementation of "pauses" to facilitate the delivery of aid within Gaza, as stated.

Supplies of food, water, fuel, and medicines for the 2.2 million residents of Gaza are currently at a critically low level.

Israel has made a firm commitment to not agree to a ceasefire until Hamas is completely dismantled.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu rejected ceasefire pleas, arguing it would be surrendering to Hamas and terrorism. He vowed Israel will not give in.

During a press briefing, Mr. Kirby expressed his confidence in the increased accessibility of aid trucks entering Gaza through Egypt.

The US has engaged in discussions with the Israeli government regarding the augmentation of daily border crossings by lorries to approximately 100, as stated by the official.

Around 45 trucks crossed Egypt's Rafah Crossing into Gaza on Sunday, according to Mr. Kirby. However, he recognized the need for more trucks.

He told the press that we know even that, which is a big improvement from now, won't fully meet our needs.